Visit Middleburg Academy

We strive to optimize and customize visits to Middleburg Academy, both for prospective students and for their parents.  During the time you spend here on campus, we aim to provide you with as complete an understanding of our school as possible, answer every question – both general and specific – and explore those aspects and activities of the school that interest you most. When you contact our Admissions Office to schedule your visit, we will discuss your student’s areas of interest and plan his or her visit experience accordingly.

How is the Visit Structured?

Ideally, you will arrive in the morning to meet with Mrs. Bell, Director of Admissions. You will be paired with a Middleburg Academy student ambassador who will host you throughout the time you are here. This is also the time when parents can also meet the Director of Admissions to learn more about the school, have their questions answered, and even take a tour, if their schedules allow.

When Can I Visit?

We welcome prospective students and their families at any time, and will plan a day (or portion of a day) to suit your interests and needs.

Suggested Days to Visit: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Please contact the Admissions Office to arrange a day for your daughter or son to join one of our student ambassadors for several classes and lunch, to speak to our Head of School, Colley Bell, and to speak with members of the Admissions Committee. To help us plan the best possible experience for your child, we will ask you ahead of time about your child’s academic, arts, and/or athletic interests. We also welcome you, as parents, to spend a bit of time with us, observing classes and discussing the school and, most importantly, telling us more about your child and family! Our supportive Parents' Association will reach out to you via a phone call or email to answer any other questions you may have.

If scheduling challenges prevent you from attending visits during the week, please contact us to arrange to meet you over the weekend. As a general rule, Saturday mornings are recommended.

What About Lunch?

A lunch ticket will be provided and you will be hosted at a table with your student ambassador. Of course, those wishing to bring a bag lunch from home are welcome to do so.

What Activities Can I Try?

We welcome prospective students’ attendance at performing arts rehearsals, clubs, and other activities taking place at Middleburg Academy on the day of your school visit (or at another time, arranged through our Admission Office). For sports, we welcome our visitors on the sidelines and would be happy to arrange opportunities to meet one-on-one with any of our coaches. We are strictly prohibited from allowing anyone other than our enrolled students from directly participating in athletic practices or games.

What Should I Wear?

We request that visiting students dress in keeping with the Middleburg Academy dress code, so that they are made to feel comfortable throughout the academic day and fully a part of the school community. We do not, however, wish for any prospective family to feel compelled to purchase clothing items specifically for the visit.

We suggest the following:

Boys: We prefer you to dress in solid color, chino style pants; a solid color button down or polo shirt, and dress shoes (no sneakers or boots). We appreciate it if boys would wear their shirts tucked in, with a black or brown belt.

Girls: We prefer you to dress in solid color slacks or a skirt (no higher than 2”above the knee); conservative button down shirt of solid color, or polo shirt; dress shoes or sandals.


For questions, please contact Mrs. Edwina Bell, Director of Admissions or 540-687-5581.