The Arts

Through the visual and performing arts, students are encouraged to express what is inside of them to the rest of the world. Whether it is through drawing, painting, singing, photography, playing an instrument, writing an original drama or any other creative mode, young adults need healthy ways to announce who they are and what they care about.  Here, in Middleburg Academy’s safe and supportive environment, teenagers are encouraged to test new artistic approaches, study existing creative works, and produce imaginative interactions that represent real communication, in contrast to the virtual connections that often dominate their world.

Some arrive with a talent already discovered:  the pianist who has performed in Austria and Italy, and each weekend attended Johns Hopkins’ prestigious Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore; the outstanding vocalist selected for State and National Honors Choirs; or the young woman with an interest in fashion illustration who went on to design costumes for Broadway. Others uncover gifts they never even knew they had: the basketball superstar whose “Tribal Bowl” won Honorable Mention in a regional art show, or the freshman who signed up for Architectural Drawing I, found his passion, and recently earned a highly coveted spot at Cornell University’s summer architecture program.  Read more.

Regardless of his or her starting point, each student’s artistic expression is nurtured and encouraged at Middleburg Academy as an important step in the development of individual character.