The Student Handbook

Welcome from The HEAD prefect

The 2017 Prefects

The 2017 Prefects

Dear Fellow Students:

Welcome, new and old; athlete and artist; anxious and composed.  On behalf of the Prefects, we are hoping that the coming year will be a successful one for one and all.  

This summer the Prefects participated in the preparation of this Student Handbook.  While there have been some updates, the basic framework remains as it has been for over four decades.

Each of us comes to this pristine campus for our own reasons, but together, we become Middleburg Academy and take pride in all that we do in the coming year.  We are part of something special and the Prefects and the other student leaders dedicate their work to you, the student body.

This handbook offers the students the rules and codes of conduct that we have all agreed to when each decided to come to Middleburg Academy.  The standard of behavior and attire, how we all "Learn, Lead and Serve," is spelled out clearly.   Our Honor Code is ever present in our experiences at Middleburg and is a reason we are privileged to grow in an atmosphere of trust and security.  

The preservation of what we are as a student body is framed in this handbook.  Central to the guidelines at Middleburg Academy is the simple element - decency.  We are all expected to support those guidelines by which we have all agreed.   These guidelines promote a school atmosphere that allows each of us to pursue our natural and unique talents - and that makes Middleburg a wonderful place to be!

To all, we wish you success in the classrooms as well as on the fields, and stage as we look forward to a great year.



Tori Kahler ‘17
Head Prefect