Ready, set, go! The 8th Grade Program

Learn about the advantage of beginning a true high school college-prep program now!  Why wait?

At Middleburg Academy, it’s full STEAM ahead. And why not start putting into place the critical building blocks in the 8th grade?  Our 8th grade program is a true high school program for students who are ready to move from a Middle School experience.  Central to this is our STEAM curriculum – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math – recognized as the essential elements for all 8th graders around the country in preparing for their world, the 21st Century.

My 8th-grade year at Middleburg was the perfect transition; I was ready for actual college preparation work. It made for an even better 9th-grade experience - it’s a huge advantage.

When students don’t begin that curriculum until the 9th grade, they often lack the necessary skills as they enter high school. That’s why our program for rising 8th graders is such a wonderful opportunity. We accept students who blend into the Middleburg Academy student population and participate in the STEAM courses.  They are not in a Middle School, as they are engaged in true high school level courses.

These students have the same advisory as other students, and their own faculty leader. They are also eligible for all athletic teams, as well as music, art and drama classes.

Spaces are limited.

Sample courses:

  • Algebra I
  • Astronomy
  • Computer Science
  • English 8 
  • Humanities
  • Latin I
  • Drama

Call 540-687-5581 for more information on this limited-space program. It really could help your child take off.