An Early Advantage: The 8th Grade Program

Our 8th grade program is a true high school program for mature, motivated students ready to move on from their middle school experience. Our classical liberal arts education is a strong and encompassing foundation with a holistic emphasis, focused on teaching students how to think as they advance not only through our curriculum, but through life far beyond the classroom environment. The liberal arts are not simply subjects to be studied, but a means of living and understanding the good, the true, and the beautiful.

My 8th-grade year at Middleburg was the perfect transition; I was ready for actual college preparation work. It made for an even better 9th-grade experience - it’s a huge advantage.

The Humane Letters Program includes complementary English and history courses that deepen students’ understanding of the major tenets of Western thought and tradition, from ancient authors and events to the formation and future of our nation and society. Primary source documents play an integral role in creating whole-picture comprehension of times, people, and places alongside diverse secondary scholarship.

Our 8th grade students have an advantage over their middle school peers; they begin to grasp the necessary, lifelong skills of logic, reasoning, and rhetoric in a true high school experience across English, history, and language, as well as natural science and mathematics. Across all subjects, our students are put in dialogue with the great poets, thinkers, and leaders of history.

8th grade students are also eligible for all of our athletic teams, including at the varsity level, in addition to our extensive offerings for music, art, and drama electives.

Spaces in our 8th grade program are limited.