Academic Program

Middleburg Academy's A.P. history students go beyond the College Board and walk the walk in a 12-mile trek from the Capitol to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington.

Central to Middleburg Academy is a mission that fosters an engaged and stimulating educational program. Our Academic standards are set high at Middleburg Academy by our own high-achieving faculty who embody excellence in a wonderful educational setting. We expect much from our students; many take 5-6 classes, have ample preparations, play a sport and cultivate their aesthetic awareness in the Arts.  Each student is expected to fulfill his or her greatest potential in an educational culture that is rooted in small class sizes, rigorous instruction, and mutual respect.   Our college preparatory program emphasizes the mastery of focused study habits, critical thinking, and communication skills. The Academy’s mission is to develop self-motivated students who are prepared for the independence and responsibilities of college life.  They will become graduates who are informed problem-solvers ready for a complex, competitive world. The result is confident students who enter college with a solid work ethic and determination that is critical to their success.