Eduardo Sevilla / Math Teacher

“The best thing about Middleburg Academy is its student body, and its tremendous willingness to learn.”

Though he may have graduated from UVA and MIT, ask anyone on campus and they will confirm that Eduardo Sevilla is a Dragon at heart, and Middleburg Academy cannot boast of a better booster. Ever-present at school events and activities, with his camera always at-the-ready, Eduardo’s combined love for the school and for photography is a useful and treasured asset.

Eduardo is never hesitant to share with students, parents, and colleagues the inner workings of his mathematical mind and, more broadly, the immense rewards of mathematical pursuits.  “Many students, and their parents, see math in isolation and not something that can or will be used unless you are an engineer or accountant or something in those lines. But math is more than that. It is a language that tells stories. It is a philosophy of how to think and develop. It is an art in picking the right starting point because of a gut feeling. It is a history of the struggles and strivings of innumerable individuals. It is the realization that one misplaced point has often changed the world.  Math is not just adding 1 and 1, any more than reading is the combination of letters or music the stringing together of tones. Math is big. Math is fun. But math is what you make of it.”

He finds teaching extremely fulfilling, too, and speaks warmly of those students who have discovered abilities they didn’t even know they possessed.  He recounts one, for example, “who realized she could, indeed, do math through positive reinforcement.  She went on to take AP Calculus, when people doubted her abilities to survive Algebra One!”

Self-described as “the quiet one growing up in an Army family,” Eduardo enjoys, in addition to photography, comic books, history, traveling, and cataloging.