Patricia Mueller
Spanish Teacher

“I have never come across a more able and engaged group of students in one location, ever.”

Brittany Myers, Middleburg Academy’s Spanish teacher, looks forward to taking part once again in the school’s annual Couchfest, held each October during Spirit Week. Though she willingly jumps out of airplanes as an avid skydiver, she had never before been given the chance to ride a wheel-enhanced couch down a long and winding driveway. “What a unique opportunity to bond with students and faculty colleagues,” she says with her trademark enthusiasm.  In fact, she sees Couchfest as both a fun and fitting celebration of the energy and camaraderie witnessed on campus daily. “Every time I visited here as an Admissions Counselor [having served as International Admissions Counselor at Radford University],” she says, “I was always so surprised to see the students were smiling. Imagine that—students happy to be at school and happy to be learning. Having seen many schools around the nation, both public and private, independent and inner city, I had never come across a more able and engaged group of students in one location, ever. That is always something that has made Middleburg someplace special for me, and I am more than thrilled to be a part of this exciting community.”

An active outdoors person with an impressive music background, Ms. Myers has a passion and a gift for encouraging in others the love and understanding of Spanish language, literature, and culture. Of her classroom philosophy, she explains, “Many people think that the only way to learn a foreign language is by speaking constantly or being “immersed” in one way, shape, or form. This is actually only a piece of the puzzle: the most important part of learning anything, including a language, is listening. That is how we learned to speak with fluidity: by listening to our parents with practice, correction, and patience. The first step is to listen and this is an important component that I always interject back into the classroom. Not just listening to me, but to their peers and to themselves as part of the learning process.”

Raised in a small river town in Virginia, “growing up to see the world was the farthest thing from my mind,” and students may want to ask how she found herself, at age fifteen, “boarding a plane for Curitiba, Brazil. I knew,” Myers explains, “that once I returned home, I would never be the same.”

In addition to Spanish, music, and skydiving, Ms. Harrison’s interests include cooking and canoeing with her husband Christian Myers, backpacking, rock climbing, yoga-ing, traveling, enjoying her cats Jezebel and Sofia . . . and staying as active as she can. All this has created the perfect resume for both a language instructor and a vibrant force who seeks more travel and adventure opportunities for our students.