Monika Martin / Math teacher


Monika Martin was born in Washington, DC and has resided in northern Virginia her entire life. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and education in 3 years, she began her career in Fairfax County.  She taught all levels of secondary math in Fairfax County for 26 years, but primarily Pre-calculus and Calculus for the final 6 years. She has studied math in some form her entire life and has continued graduate studies at UVA, George Mason, Mary Washington, and many other universities.  Her love of teaching mathematics and her fondness for her students has kept her returning to the class room.

Monika has traveled extensively with her family and has made many transcontinental driving trips, visiting all 50 of the United States in addition to most of Canada. The family has also traveled extensively in Europe and cruised the Baltic, the Mediterranean, the waters of Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico. A tour of Australia is in the planning stages.

Monika and her husband, Paul, have operated a private hobby and limited breeding kennel, Briardachs Longhaired Dachshunds, for over 30 years. The sport of pure bred dogs has been a second passion for them and resulted in world renowned recognition of their quality longhaired standard dachshunds, outstanding in bench and field.

The Martins have one son, Alex. He is a graduate of Penn State University with a BS in Meteorology and has recently completed his Masters at UMBC.

In 2003, Monika and her family relocated to Orlean, VA, and in 2007 she joined Culpeper County Schools. There, she developed the AP Calculus program at the new Eastern View High School. Her students achieved consistently high AP test scores and an outstanding pass rate percentage.

In 2013 Monika retired from Culpeper and with her husband undertook the renovation of the Beavers’ cottage on St Louis Road. They became full time residents there in early 2014. With Middleburg Academy nearby, Monika inquired about possible teaching or tutoring opportunities. When a teaching position became available she joined the faculty, excited by smaller class sizes and the school philosophy of teaching the whole child. This concept enhances her lifetime goal of providing her students with a quality education.