Mary Kruck / English teacher

“I enjoy the beautiful campus, the intellectually engaged students, the dedicated faculty, and the small classes.”

Nothing is more fulfilling for teacher Mary Kruck than “when a student finally connects with a concept that has been difficult up to that point, or when I witness a student helping another student with a problem.”  She sometimes wishes more people knew how intellectually challenging Middleburg Academy is for its students.  Yet when she bumps into her former scholars, what they often recollect is not so much the academic rigors – though there is that memory, too – but the pleasure of Mary’s classes held under the tree outside Mary House.  Sitting in the warm sun, soaking up knowledge and understanding, discussing alternate interpretations of a passage in a novel . . . it is a fitting image for the Middleburg Academy goal to stretch students’ critical thinking skills within a small and supportive learning environment.

Mary is married with two grown children as well as “Kate,” the German Shepherd she enjoys taking on long walks.  She also loves reading, traveling, and visiting her four granddaughters.