Marangely sandvik / Spanish

It is my commitment to share my passion for Hispanic culture, colors and flavors through Spanish language class.

From “The Enchanted Island” of Puerto Rico, Mrs. Marangely Sandvik is pleased to join the Dragon Family at Middleburg Academy as your child’s Spanish teacher. 

For almost two decades, Mrs. Sandvik worked as an editor for Spanish media in the United States. She has been a columnist for important Spanish newspapers such as El Tiempo Latino, DC and La Prensa and La Opinión, CA, among others. For the past five years, she has worked as a health editor for The New York Times Spanish publication.

Mrs. Sandvik holds a masters degree in Investigative Journalism in Spanish from Florida International University. She also has dual bachelors in arts and science, with a major in Theater and Public Communication and a minor in Spanish Literature and Education from the University of Puerto Rico.

Mrs. Sandvik is passionate about nature, hiking, travel, and photography.