Middleburg Academy Student Heads to Virginia Governor's Latin Academy

Ashland, Virginia - Venerunt! Viderunt! Vicerunt!


They came! They saw! They conquered! Forty-five Virginia high school students from both public and private schools in Virginia were chosen to attend the 2019 Gubernatoris Latina Academia. One of five language academies sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education, the Governor's Latin Academy provides the opportunity for outstanding Latin students to continue their studies in a unique environment. CBS News and USA Today have featured the Academies as examples of innovative foreign language programs.

For three weeks, the Latin Academy's students will learn and experience Latin language and culture through hands-on activities and in real-life situations, making language acquisition more meaningful, practical, and lasting.

Participating students were selected through a statewide competition that included essays, tests of Latin grammar and composition and teacher recommendations. This year the 32nd Annual Virginia Governor's Latin Academy is in session from June 23 through July 14 at Randolph Macon College in Ashland. James Sturdevant, a rising 11th grade student at Middleburg Academy in Middleburg, Virginia, was among those who arrived at R-MC on June 23.

All students in the Governor's Latin Academy will attend six classes, including Ancient Greek, Inscriptions, Life in the Provinces, Conversational Latin, Latin Composition, and Agrippina the Younger. In addition, students may audition for a role in a Roman comedy that will be produced near the end of the third week, as well as attend lectures by classicists from around the Commonwealth.

However, the Academy is not all books, desks, and the classroom. Field trips will explore and analyze the influences of Classical Rome on both the physical and legislative aspects of our state government in addition to witnessing on the live stage how ideas from mythology and ancient drama are still vibrant today.

Academy attendees do not only observe or read about the ancient world, they also have the chance to recreate it. Everyone, staff and students, will don their best toga (men) or stola (women) while students will elect officers using procedures and titles that Julius Caesar would recognize. Still togate, we will revisit Roman fast-food restaurants and even a more refined convivium (formal banquet) over the course of the three weeks.

The Academy will be a truly unique endeavor, one that alumni often describe as unforgettable and among the best and most fun experiences of their lives.

For more information, contact Lisa Harris (lisa.harris@doe.virginia.gov), Specialist for Foreign Languages, Virginia Department of Education, at (804) 225-3666 or visit http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/foreign_language/language_academies/index.shtml