AP Environmental Science Students Work Towards a Greener World

AP Environmental Science students recently planned projects with two goals: involvement of the community and the benefit of the local environment.

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Some students took the direct approach and organized tree and flower plantings, river clean-ups, and structure building for efficiency and wildlife. We are creating an aquaponic greenhouse in an ongoing project, and we now also have an extensive butterfly garden, functional and beautiful birdhouses, and new trees on campus. Our section of Goose Creek is litter-free and more friendly to wildlife than ever. Next time you pay us a visit, keep an eye out for deer, turkeys, salamanders, groundhogs, foxes, and more!

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Other students focused on an indirect approach, using workshops and education in advocating for a healthier environment. There was a tie-dye event for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, a workshop on sea turtles that included an emphasis on reusable utensils (such as metal straws) as well as a letter-writing campaign to government officials, education on paper water bottles, and a focus group on restoring the food supply of assorted endangered species.

All of the individual projects were planned by students and organized to use the student body as their workforce: every single Middleburg Academy student contributed in some form, with all of them showing incredible motivation and increased interest in the local environment.