Join Us for Mornings at Middleburg

Every morning, while students and teachers are entering our main academic building, moving from lockers to classrooms with books and coffees in hand, greeting one another and getting settled, piano music fills the air. These are Mornings at Middleburg.

Mornings at Middleburg started when one of our international students from China simply played the piano for the love of it each morning. Soon, it became a daily occurrence, with our community looking forward to it every day as a positive and energizing way to start things off. In short order, Head of School Colley Bell decided to livestream the informal performances so that everyone, including the student’s parents far away in China, could tune in; for this family, it was an opportunity to see their child from afar, often as they sat down to dinner while she just began her day in the United States.

Now, Mornings at Middleburg are open to any student who would like to perform for the community, setting the vibe for our day. We invite you to us for Mornings at Middleburg.