Jimmy Cunningham '18 Works with the Peopoly Moai 3D Printer

Contributed by Mr. Bill Quinn.


Jimmy Cunningham '18 is pictured standing next to the new Peopoly Moai 3-D printer that Middleburg Academy now owns.

This printer works by pouring resin in a tank inside the printer (the red liquid in this photo). Lasers moving across the resin build the new 3-D object on the building plate in the printer (note the special glasses on Jimmy's head which must be worn when the laser is in use and the printer doors are open). Once the object has completely printed it should be moved under UV lights to harden the material.

This was a kit and required Jimmy to spend about 8 hours to solder the wires and circuit boards together. He spent a number of days talking to engineers in China, India, and the United States in order to work out some imperfections he saw in the first products. These imperfections required software fixes. 

Jimmy received a lot of notice in his ability to solve our printer problems and helped many others around the world, so much so that the Peopoly company has given him a special status as a development tester. He gets to beta test their new software. This is a privilege this company has only given to six people around the world! Jimmy has also given this company several design improvements that enable this printer to work more effectively. 

We are currently the only educational institution in the world with this printer.  Currently this printer is in research and development areas in corporate and government locations around the world.