STEAM Challenge Weekend set to take place at Middleburg Academy

STEAM Challenge Weekend set to take place at Middleburg Academy

Middleburg Academy will be hosting a weekend STEAM competition on April 1-2 this year. All Middle School students are welcome to come and test their creative energy and be part of establishing a legacy at Middleburg Academy; building a Rube Goldberg Machine in the science hallway.

For all fledgling engineers and those who are fiercely curious, this event is for you! Friday afternoon and the next day's event will be an experience in 21st century skills development: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Curiosity! Teams will be competing for prizes regarding their contribution to the Rube Goldberg Wall. Raytheon Engineers will be judges at the event, a great opportunity to speak and work closely with engineers who are grappling with today’s challenges.

Friday Afternoon events will be focused on assessing everyone’s potential contribution to saturday's wall design session; through team building and problem solving activities.  

Saturday will be focused on the primary goal of designing and building a multi-team integrated Rube Goldberg System in the science hallway. It will become a permanent feature of the developing STEAM Program at Middleburg Academy. Components the contestants create will be developed and produced on MakerBot 3D printers. It is expected that all six simple machines will be employed to make an extremely robust Rube Goldberg System!

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