Varsity Cross Country Competes in State Championship

Middleburg Academy’s Cross Country Team participated in the Virginia Independent School Athletic Association Division 2 State Championship on Friday, November 13, 2015. Their second year participating in the state competition, the Varsity Boys cross country team finished 12th of 35 Division 2 schools and female runner Tori Kahler brought home the first ever All-State designation for a runner in Notre Dame/Middleburg Academy history, finishing 16th in the state with a time of 21:17 minutes.

Middleburg Academy Varsity Boys Cross Country team is comprised of runners Joshua Kay ‘18, Jack Tyler ‘18, Jan Juergens ‘18, Jimmy Cunningham ‘18, Colley Bell IV ‘20, Michael Howley ‘18, Jack Fanning ‘18, Niketh Vellanki ‘17, Cillian Cox ‘18, Alan Salacain ‘17, and Oliver Mu ‘20. Middleburg Academy Varsity Girls Cross Country team is lead by Tori Kahler ‘17, and Kiara Laurenzano ‘16, with runners Hayley Alcock ‘16, Nancy Alcock ‘18, and Alex Hess ‘18.

This has been a transformational year for the Dragon’s Cross Country program. Since Spanish teacher and Coach Brittany Myers took over the running program last year, the team has grown from five runners to sixteen, the top four of which consistently run a sub-20 5k. The top female runner, Tori Kahler has taken home four individual medals over the course of her first running season, and finished three season races in 1st place. The team has also seen great growth in their home meets against local schools, growing from two teams and 10 runners in October 2014 to five teams and over 50 runners this past September.

In true Middleburg Academy fashion, there is a no-cut policy with the cross-country team, and all students who wish to run, participate. Unlike other programs however, the small team size means all runners count for the team’s overall score. This makes the Middleburg Academy cross-country team a program to watch in the coming years, as all but one of the 16 runners are returning next season.