As most of you already know — and our new families will look forward to discovering — Jan is an exceptionally accomplished and conscientious individual with extensive, broad-reaching experience in independent school administration. It was early in my tenure that I found in Jan a natural leader who has been vital in shaping and strengthening our curriculum.

Before coming to Middleburg Academy, Jan spent twenty-one years at the Potomac School in McLean, where she was called upon to serve in a variety of capacities: college counselor, dean of students, ethics instructor, advisor, and admissions assistant.

Since my arrival last summer, I have had the pleasure of working with Jan on a range of projects and have come to rely upon her wisdom, insights, and organizational abilities.  I appreciate her energy and enthusiasm for fulfilling vital, everyday school functions as well as for tackling new endeavors with an open-mindedness that is so necessary in our contemporary times. The school, and most especially its students, has benefited greatly from her countless contributions. Jan brings the highest possible standards to our academic and college placement realms and is ready to accept this significant role in leading Middleburg Academy to new heights.

In her steady hands Jan will oversee the school’s academic program and work with the Administrative Team to lead a faculty in support of the school’s mission. Jan will not only continue to oversee the individualized academic planning, scheduling, and progress of our students, as well as their college planning and application process, but will also lead the school’s curriculum and faculty development. Jan has already led the hiring effort in identifying faculty candidates who are dedicated to our independent school model.  The teaching talent she is shaping at the Academy for the 2014-15 academic year is impressive.

 Please join me in congratulating Jan on her new position.