Student Leadership

Middleburg Academy ignites a passion for learning, leading, and serving, affording students numerous opportunities for leadership and giving them an academic and personal confidence that I know they will carry with them always.
— A Parent

Student leadership is a significant component in the Middleburg Academy experience. Student leaders emerge from those followers who serve with integrity, humility, and honor as they matriculate at Middleburg Academy. Those leadership stepping-stones can be found in the classroom, clubs, sports teams, the stage, and the art studio.

Student leaders help craft our code of conduct and oversee the Honor Code. Our leadership model incorporates offices that students may seek, and offices that seek the students. Leadership opportunities are found in the Prefects, the Student Council, the Honor Council, the National Honor Society, and the Varsity Club, as well as Student Ambassadors, class officers, clubs, and team captain positions.

For Middleburg Academy, leadership is not theoretical - it's practiced every day as part of our holistic classical education experience, one that is aimed toward helping students to live noble and fruitful lives well beyond the classroom.

School Governance: Prefects

Prefects embody the highest level of student leadership at Middleburg Academy. They oversee all aspects of student leadership and work with the faculty and administration to ensure that the school’s motto, Learn, Lead, Serve, is successfully engaged across all the realms of school life. The office of Prefect is selected, not elected.

Learn about the office of Prefect at Middleburg Academy.

Honor Council

The Honor Council is committed to instilling and upholding individual and collective personal honor and integrity. The spirit of the Honor Council is to uphold the Middleburg Academy Honor Code in keeping with the school motto.



Student Ambassadors are individuals who want to be actively involved in fulfilling the mission of the school. They are responsible for helping to bring qualified students to Middleburg Academy. They act as hosts and tour guides for visitors, and they may attend admission and other outreach events, middle school visits, school fairs, and parent information nights.



The Varsity Club is composed of athletes within the senior class who have exhibited stellar leadership.  All team captains meet with the Varsity Club throughout the year, ensuring that sportsmanship is consistent across all of our sports.  

Student Council

Student Council embodies the “Serve” of the Learn, Lead, Serve motto of Middleburg Academy. Members represent the student body and cultivate the spirit of the school with activities and assemblies. The Student Council also sets an example for the student body and encourages mutual respect and courtesy by leading with kindness and integrity.