Student Leadership

At Middleburg Academy, we firmly believe that to be a good leader one must know how to be a good follower, too.  Our leadership model incorporates offices that students may seek, and offices that seek the students.  Leadership opportunities are found in the Prefects, the Student Council, the Honor Council, the National Honor Society, and the Varsity Club as well as Student Ambassadors, class officers, clubs, and team captain positions.

The Student Council, 2016-17

School Governance

Prefects - Prefects embody the highest level of student leadership at the Academy. Prefects oversee all aspects of student leadership and work with the faculty and administration to ensure that the school’s motto, "Learn, Lead and Serve" is successfully engaged across all the realms of school life. Prefects are "tapped" or called upon by the former prefects to serve the school in their senior year. It is an office that seeks the student, not the student who seeks the office.  
Student Council - The Student Council is an elected organization for student leadership at Middleburg Academy.  The Council provides a venue where students who seek an office are afforded the opportunity to learn, lead and serve, with keen focus on the spirit of the school. The Student Council represents the student body and advocates for its best interests for the common good. The Student Council also sets an example for the student body and encourages mutual respect and courtesy by leading with kindness and integrity.
Honor Council - The Middleburg Academy Honor Council is committed to instilling and upholding the Academy's Honor Code that rests on the tenets of the school. The members of the Council embody the individual and collective honor and integrity that is essential in our community.   The Master Prefect serves as Chair and works with a faculty advisor and the Dean of Students to ensure the Council's work in promoting the qualities we hold dear to our Academy community.
Ambassadors - An important contingent of students serves as ambassadors for the school, not only for the Admission Office, but for a variety of events throughout the year. Student Ambassadors greet and guide visitors, lead campus tours, mentor prospective students, and speak publicly at Open Houses.  One example is hosting the school’s Annual College Fair, the largest event of its kind organized by an independent school in the region. They greet arriving college reps, help them get situated with their displays, then welcome and assist all other visitors (including those from surrounding schools). The responsibility falls on Middleburg Academy students to make this important day a success. In a survey of the 85 colleges who participated, every single one gave our student ambassadors a five out of five for their outstanding friendliness, helpfulness, and respectfulness.  An Alumni Ambassador also leads the efforts to bind the past and the present from both our Notre Dame and Middleburg alumni.