Health & Safety, Athletic Trainer

“I love my job the most when a student or athlete approaches me and thanks me for getting him or her back to practice after an injury, or for helping them through a difficult unit in class . . . as faculty and coaches, we really get to know the students and have the desire to help them achieve whatever it is in life they wish to accomplish.”

Title:  Athletic Trainer
Departments: Athletics; Science

Courses Taught: Health and Safety (across the curriculum)
Academic Degrees:
BA, Bridgewater College
MS, Virginia Commonwealth University

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“Sports medicine today,” says Athletic Trainer Lauren Rhodes, “is taught differently than in the past because it is much more research based. Research developments give those in the field the ability to better understand the complex aspects behind the injuries, and therefore map a better plan for rehabilitation and care of athletes in their specific sports. What is interesting is that Ms. Rhodes is not only a beneficiary of this new wave of learning – she is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, where she earned her masters in Athletic Training – but is also able to impart the same methods to students in her “Introduction to Sports Medicine” course at Middleburg Academy.

And on the playing fields and courts, Ms. Rhodes is a ready and steadying hand when our athletes do encounter injuries. From minor scrape-ups and sprains to more serious bone or ligament injuries and concussions, she is almost always the “first responder.” Once done with the first aid, she follows up with a written report and plan communicating to athletes and their parents how best to treat their issue. Pre-game, she wraps, ices, and otherwise advises athletes about how to cautiously and responsibly care for their still changing physiques.

“It’s great in a school this size that I can really get to know all of the athletes,” says Rhodes. And since Middleburg Academy has a no-cut policy, the vast majority of students (over 80%) cross her path through one team offering or another. “How well the faculty and coaches know the students here, and their desire to help them achieve whatever it is in life that they wish to accomplish – that is something I wish more people understood about Middleburg Academy.” What she doesn’t necessarily wish everyone to know is that although she is tall and loves to exercise (running, swimming, and biking in particular), “I cannot play basketball. You would have been disappointed if I was ever on your team!” she laughs.

Lauren Rhodes grew up in Leesburg (VA) and, after moving to Richmond for two years, “had to come back to the mountains. I had forgotten how beautiful the scenery was, especially at sunset.” Since the Middleburg Academy playing fields can be a great spot to get a view of both, she could not have found a more perfect work environment. When not at work, or exercising, Lauren Rhodes enjoys reading, painting furniture, and spending time with her husband (the two were married in the summer of 2012).