An Independent School | Classical Liberal Arts Education for Grades 8-12

No locks on our lockers, no bells interrupting classes, we have a college-like feel to the day. There is an educational maturity in our day. The small class ratio means we learn to work together in an incredibly diverse community. There are no social cliques. It is a real world experience as we work together pursuing both our collective and personal achievements. It is an education that demands participation - it was such a critical time in my life. The faculty cultivated my independence and I learned to advocate for myself. This is why my college experience is even more fulfilling than many of my peers. I know what is expected of me, and how to achieve the goals I set. And best, how to go beyond.
— Alumnnus, Class of 2015

Middleburg Academy inspires students to excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics. We are a dynamic community of students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni dedicated to lifelong learning, service to others, personal growth, and the success of each student: Cognoscere, Ducere, Servire (Learn, Lead, Serve) is not only our motto, but our daily practice. Middleburg Academy strives to develop young men and women of moral integrity who who are responsible leaders and citizens in a diverse and ever-­changing world.

Middleburg Academy interprets “college preparation” in the broadest sense: we prepare our students for the academic demands of higher education, but we also help each to develop his or her own moral compass in preparation for increased independence at college. Our classical education in the liberal arts helps guide them to this thoughtful freedom and virtuous leadership. Simply put, we teach our students how to think.

The genuine emphasis on developing the whole person—head and heart, intellect and character—is deeply embedded in our rich and varied past. The philosophy was established in 1965, when Notre Dame Academy was founded as a Catholic boarding school for girls; it was there in the 1990s, as we evolved into a co-educational Catholic day school; and it continues to guide a non-sectarian, extraordinary independent school today. Our classical liberal arts education is not only the best college-preparatory curriculum, it is an education aimed toward living a noble and fruitful life far beyond the classroom environment.

Middleburg Academy’s classical curriculum and education model—to study the liberal arts as a means of living and understanding the good, the true, and the beautiful—has been and will continue to be developed in on-going association with Hillsdale College.

Welcome to Middleburg Academy.