John Funk / Director of athletics


Before arriving at Middleburg Academy, John Funk taught math and coached at South Kent School, a secondary boys boarding school in South Kent, CT for the past 21 years.  Previously he worked at Putney School, Burke Mountain Academy, and Vermont Academy.  While at South Kent School, he served as Class Dean and spent time in the Learning Skills Program.  John worked with the cross-country running program for 16 years before starting a fall mountain bike program.  In addition, he was involved with all levels of the basketball program.  

John joins Middleburg Academy as the Athletic Director, teaching math, and providing math support in the Learning Commons.  In the fall, he will be co-coaching cross-country.  He is an avid cyclist and enjoys exploring the roads of Loudoun and Fauquier counties. John is married to Theo Grayson and has two teenage children.  Theo teaches  at Mountainside Montessori School in Marshall, VA.  The family lives in Upperville, VA.