Jan Healy / Assistant Head of School, College Counselor

“I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of the faculty, staff, and students in the intimate atmosphere that Middleburg Academy provides."

Jan Healy, Assistant Head of School and Director of College Counseling, is a seasoned veteran in the independent school world. What drew Ms. Healy to our campus? “The fact that Middleburg Academy engages the WHOLE child – academically, artistically, athletically, and ethically. Together,” she says, “we can explore and develop our minds and our souls.”

She is always conscious of the impact her work has on maturing young adults, both in exploring moral issues through the Junior Seminar course and in directing students through the college research, application, and placement process. “Shortly after September 11, 2001, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar where Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein, one of my personal heroes, was speaking. At a time when we were all feeling vulnerable and questioning our own mortality, she said, ‘Your immortality is the investment you make in other people.’ I’ve never forgotten this and I keep it as a mandate that guides me professionally and personally.”

Contact: jhealy@middleburgacademy.org