Middleburg Academy Diploma Requirements

A fully enrolled student at Middleburg Academy takes five academic courses each semester in addition to at least one elective course each semester for a total of six classes per semester.  The departmental requirements in Art and Computer Science will satisfy a portion of that elective study.  A minimum of twenty-four credits is required for graduation.  

Middleburg Academy is a college preparatory school and the expectation is that each of our students will matriculate to a four-year college or university.

4 years

4 years. Students must complete one full year course beyond Algebra 2.

3 years of the same language through the third level. Students are strongly encouraged to complete four years of study.

3 years including Biology and Chemistry. A course of study in Biology, Chemistry,   and Physics is strongly encouraged if math placement allows.  

3 years including Western Civilization, European History, and U.S. History. Students are strongly encouraged to complete four years of study.

Beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year, all eighth and ninth grade students are required to take a semester-long computer science course.

2 full years including a minimum of one semester course in visual arts and one semester course in performing arts.








Modern and Classical Language










Computer Science