Colley Bell / Head of School & History Teacher

Colley Bell considers himself first and foremost a teacher. His thirty year career in independent schools has covered a wide range of roles and responsibilities (most recently and notably as new Head of School at Middleburg Academy) and he has been a classroom instructor for many of those years. His very first position, with the Darrow School in New Lebanon, New York, was as teacher, dorm parent, and coach. He then went on to teach and coach at the Worcester Academy (MA), where he was named Teacher of the Year; Louisville Collegiate (KY); Lake Forest Academy (IL); and Tower Hill School (DE). He has a known passion for Civil War, Russian and English history (and even studied the history of the Anglican Church in Oxford), as well as the Shakers and American communitarian experiments. Conversations with Colley Bell often lead to historical topics, whether it is a curiosity about “Homeland” – the original farm property upon which our campus is situated — or his own family’s fascinating past. Visitors to the Head of School office will note the maps, pen and ink drawings, and similar treasures that attest to a mind that gathers and assimilates all matters historical.