My name is Liam McVicar and I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. As soon as I could walk I had a soccer ball at my feet. I started playing 11 aside competitively at the age of 5, all the way through my late teens, and played to a high level, training with professional teams and also making the city/state team as leading striker.  

My career only fell short due to lack of size, so my dad thought I should go to England to race horses, though I had never seen one in person (long story)! Whilst racing as a flat jockey in England for 5 years I still played and trained at amateur level for local soccer clubs.

As I got in my early 20s my weight got heavier and it was time to become a steeplechase jockey; I got offered a job in Virginia. I raced for 10 years before retiring due to too many broken bones. With my passion for soccer never wavering, I knew I wanted to begin coaching. I have coached over the past 10 years on and off and recently got my 1st coaching badge from USA soccer.

I am extremely excited about the upcoming season and for the opportunity to work one-on-one with the kids and to share with them all the knowledge and skill I have developed in my time in Europe and America. I hope to make them not only better players but a better team.