Applying to Middleburg Academy

Through our admission process, we hope to become acquainted with you as a student and as an individual. We also want to help you learn as much as possible about Middleburg Academy, including our requirements and expectations for students who enroll here. During your visit to the school, you will have the opportunity to tour our campus, attend classes, and meet our current students and faculty. Middleburg Academy seeks to enroll those applicants whose academic achievement and personal promise indicate that they are likely to become positive members of our community.

To better understand both the background and potential of our applicants, the Admission Committee requests the opportunity to get to know each student as well as possible, both academically and personally. The following steps listed below are outlined to assist your completion of application procedures.

1. Application Checklist & Overview

Complete Written Application

Request Recommendation & Release Forms

Submit Testing Information

Mail Application Fee

Schedule A Visit

Applications will be processed and reviewed on a rolling basis after February 1st.

2. Written or Online Application

Components of the Written Application

Student and Parent General Information

Student Section, Short Answer Questionnaire

Student Section, Essay

English Teacher Recommendation*

Math Teacher Recommendation*

School/Guidance Counselor Recommendation*

Records/Transcript Release Form*

*See Recommendation & Release Forms

Link to the Online Application

3. Recommendations and Release Forms

Recommendation & Release Forms

Recommendation & Release Forms can be found in the written application

English Teacher Recommendation

Have your current English teacher complete the appropriate form and send it to the address or fax listed below.

Math Teacher Recommendation

Have your current Math teacher complete the appropriate form and send it to the address or fax listed below.

School/Guidance Counselor Recommendation

Have your current guidance counselor or school administrator complete the appropriate form and send it to the address or fax listed below.

Records/Transcript Release Form

Complete the Records Release Authorization Form and submit it to the registrar or record keeping official at your current school. This form authorizes your current school to release your records to Middleburg Academy. Middleburg Academy should receive a copy of your school records including transcripts and report cards, standardized testing scores, discipline records, individualized testing, and education plans.

Please Mail/Fax Recommendation Forms and School Records to:

Admission Office
Middleburg Academy
35321 Notre Dame Lane
Middleburg, VA 20117-3621

Fax: (540) 687-3103
Phone: (540) 687-5581

4. Submit Testing Information


Along with the academic profiles offered in the transcripts and recommendations that come from your present school, recent standardized testing is requested as a part of your evaluation.

Applicants will need to submit SSAT results. Please arrange for the applicant to take the SSAT and to have the scores sent to Middleburg Academy.

Middleburg Academy’s school code is 5430

If applying during the summer, please contact the Office of Admission and we will be happy to answer any questions concerning testing requirements.

5. Mail Application Fee

Application Fee Information

A $50 Application Fee should accompany all applications for admission. Fees should be made payable to Middleburg Academy. Please mail your Application Fee to:

Attn: Office of Admission

Middleburg Academy
35321 Notre Dame Lane
Middleburg, VA 20117-3621

Pay Online

6. Schedule a Visit

Visiting Middleburg Academy

Experience Middleburg Academy firsthand by scheduling a visit and becoming a Dragon for a day!

Suggested Days to Visit: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Please contact the Admission Office to arrange a day for your daughter or son to join one of our student ambassadors for several classes and lunch, and to speak with members of the Admission Committee. To help us plan the best possible experience for your child, we will ask you ahead of time about your child’s academic, arts, and/or athletic interests. We also welcome you, as parents, to spend a bit of time with us, observing classes and discussing the school and, most importantly, telling us more about your child and family!


If scheduling challenges prevent you from attending visits during the week, please contact us to arrange to meet you over the weekend. As a general rule, Saturday mornings are recommended.

Learn more about scheduling a visit

When completed, this application process will provide Middleburg Academy’s Admission Committee a comprehensive view of your child’s academic and personal background, strengths, talents, and interests, and how she/he might contribute to the MA community.