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This section is for you and the more than 1,000 alumni who have graduated since 1969.  When you reflect back on your time here as a student, we’re sure an array of experiences come to mind:  great friendships made, inspiring faculty members who made a difference in your education, the beautiful campus, hard fought athletic competitions, and more. Whatever those memories might be, there is a special bond you share with all of the graduates who came before and after you. We value the importance of that connection and are committed to helping foster and strengthen it. 

Our goals for the Alumni Affairs Program are to:

  • Improve and expand our alumni information to include as many graduates as possible in our outreach efforts

  • Develop meaningful programs and events that encourage alumni to reconnect

  • Create on-going forms of communication that make it easy to share news and information between the school and its alumni

Whether you were a member of the first graduating Class of 1969, this year’s class, or somewhere inbetween, we hope that you will feel compelled to become involved on some level.  We urge you to:

  • Update your contact information by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Come back to campus! Middleburg Academy has an extraordinary group of students who are eager to meet you.

  • Become a Class Rep, a liaison between the alumni affairs office and your former classmates

  • Most importantly, take part in alumni events – don’t miss the opportunity to reconnect.

Phone Kasey Morris, Director of Advancement at 540-687-5581 or email her at kmorris@middleburgacademy.org.  Kasey will be able to update your contact information and let you know what is happening on campus.

We look forward to reconnecting with all of you and seeing you on campus!



It’s great to stay in touch or reconnect with classmates via Facebook, emails and phone calls.  But every five years or so it’s even better to see them in person!  Thinking of planning a little get together, or maybe a full blown reunion?  We’d be happy to assist you.

The two best times to plan a reunion are Homecoming Weekend in mid-October and the weekend of the school’s annual auction the first Saturday in April.  Both weekends ensure a whole host of activities and fun things to do on campus.  If you come to campus in October, you can be a spectator during “Couchfest” and cheer on our boys’ and girls’ teams as they compete on Friday afternoon. Join us as our guest for a Dragonfeast sponsored by Middleburg Academy’s Trustees on the lawn of Mary House--the perfect setting for an alumni gathering Friday or Saturday evening.

Let us help you and your classmates by providing class lists, sending invitations, and planning the event. In addition, we can provide you with recommendations for weekend accommodations and dining, as well as a list of other events happening in the area.

Kasey Morris, Director of Advancement, will be glad to help you with your plans. Kasey’s email is kmorris@middleburgacademy.org.  We are looking forward to seeing you back on campus!


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