Advanced Courses

Middleburg Academy’s advanced course offerings are highly competitive among independent high schools in the area.  We offer Advancement Placement (AP) and Honors classes.

AP courses represent the most rigorous level of academic work available to secondary school students.  AP and courses are equally respected in the college admission process as evidence of challenging study.  Credits and advanced standing from secondary-school AP exams can offer the student chances to accelerate or enrich study in a favorite field, to bypass introductory-level courses, to have extra time to take interesting courses outside one’s major area of study, to abbreviate the time required for graduation, and possibly to lighten the expenses of college.



AP courses are taught according to college-level curricula and standards, by instructors approved by the College Board.  Middleburg Academy requires AP course students to sit for their AP exams in May.

Advanced Placement Courses. The school offers AP/College Calculus AB, AP/College Calculus BC, AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C Mechanics,  AP Psychology, AP/College English Literature and Composition,  AP Latin, AP Spanish Language, AP United States Government and Politics; AP United States History; and AP European History, and AP Studio Art. all certified by the College Board.