Middleburg Academy’s challenging liberal arts curriculum prepares students for college success and lifelong learning through the mastery of independent study habits and critical thinking skills.

The school year is divided into two semesters. The school day comprises blocks of 45 and 90 minutes.  All courses meet at least four times each week.

Advanced Placement Courses

AP courses are taught according to college-level curricula and standards, by instructors approved by the College Board.

AP Courses Offered:
AP/College Calculus AB
AP/College Calculus BC
AP/College Chemistry
AP/College English Literature and Composition
AP/College Environmental Science
AP/College Latin
AP/College Physics C: Mechanics
AP Spanish Language
AP Studio Art
AP United States Government and Politics
AP United States History
AP European History
All students in an AP course are required to take the AP exam.

Grading Scale

Middleburg Academy utilizes a Numeric Grade Scale of 0-100 for all courses. For general comparison to other schools’ grading scales:

90-100 represent outstanding work (A); 80-89, commendable work (B); 70-79, average work (C).