Middleburg Academy Summer Program

Middleburg Academy is pleased to offer a summer program on campus with a variety of course offerings for students of all levels. For more information, please see our schedule below for the upcoming summer.

If you have still have questions, please contact Catherine Forrester, Director of Summer Programs, at cforrester@middleburgacademy.org or (540) 687-5581. For admissions-related questions, please contact Kasey Morris at kmorris@middleburgacademy.org or (540) 687-5581.

Summer Program 2018

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There are no classes on July 4th.

Evening classes will run from 6-8pm.

If you are registering for a Latin class, please let us know your current level of Latin and what level you would like to study this summer.

There is the potential for STEAM/forging/glass etching classes to be added. Please check back or email kmorris@middleburgacademy.org with your interest in this subject area.

initial Registration: reserve your spot today

Registration for summer programs is now closed.